gamescom 2014*
Hall 9
13. - 17.08. 2014
*|SOLD OUT| There are no more gamescom tickets available. But there are some ESL One CS:GO Premium Tickets left, including a weekend gamescom ticket and much more.


  • The triple replay & more: looking back at last weekend's #Halo Championship Series finals  > Link #HCS  > Link
  • ICYMI: We have a huge giveaway going on for #PAXEast and #HCS for the next few days! Get your entries in @  > Link ! #halo
  • RT @ESNHalo: First map between @EvilGeniuses and @NobleProGaming is Warlord CTF, kicking off now! #HCS #Halo #PAX  > Link
  • ESL is crowning #HCS champions & hunting monsters with @EvolveGame at #PAXEast!  > Link #Halo #Evolve  > Link
  • "We want to prove people wrong": @eLevateSpartan from @eLevateGG talks #HCS finals!  > Link #Halo  > Link
  • We look ahead to the #HCS Season 1 finals with @NobleProGaming captain @Noble_Arkanum  > Link #Halo  > Link


(05. December 2014) test B-)
(11. August 2014) Hey,I hope this year the ESL Players Party will be better organized than last year...It was so full with people that the security didn't let me in. So I went to the SONY PARTY and got my money back from the entrance.Grtz,Thomas
(07. August 2014) Wann kommst Du und was willst Du sehen?
(05. August 2014) Wir sehen uns in Köln!See you in Cologne!