Eight teams will fight for $10,000 at gamescom 2014 in the ESL Arena!

The legendary competitive shooter returns to the eSports stage at the world’s largest gaming event.

How it works

Not only will gamescom be the first opportunity to gets hands-on with Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 2: Anniversary, but 343 Industries is also working with ESL and Twitch to bring you an epic pre-launch 4v4 tournament. Open to all gamescom attendees, the tournament will feature $10,000 USD in prizing, four days of qualification on the gamescom show floor, and culminate with the Grand Final on Sunday, August 17th. The finals will be broadcasted at Twitch.tv/Halo.

How do I qualify for the grand finals?

To qualify for the finals, swing by the ESL Arena in Hall 9, where ESL will have a dedicated area for Halo: The Master Chief Collection competition. On these stations, you’ll find “winner stays” 4v4 gameplay, so grab three teammates (or form a team on the spot) and come compete on Ascension and one other unannounced map. The rules are simple: If your team wins 10 matches in a row, you’ll take the top spot on the daily leaderboard, and if another team tops your score (and wins 11 in a row), you’ll need to swing back and reclaim your spot. At the end of each day, the top team will advance to the Sunday finals, where they’ll compete for a prize pool of $10,000 USD on ESL's Halo Main Stage. If you qualify, but don’t have Sunday passes to gamescom, you’re covered – all qualified teams will receive complimentary Sunday access courtesy of ESL.

Check back here for game modes, maps and rules - to be revealed soon.

Watch the tournament LIVE

The Sunday finals will kick off with a Free-For-All exhibition at 10:30 CEST, and conclude with the 4v4 finals, where the bracket will be whittled down until only one team remains. The broadcast will feature commentary from 343 Industries’ Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky and Twitch’s Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, and run from 10:30 to 17:00 CEST at Twitch.tv/Halo

For more, head to twitter.com/ESL, HaloWaypoint.com and twitter.com/Halo.


From Wednesday to Saturday come to the Halo gamescom Showdown booth at ESL Arena in Hall 9 all day long to qualify for the 4v4 Grand Final on Sunday.

On Sunday, we get started at 10:30 CEST with the pre-tournament Free-for-All LIVE on Twitch.tv/Halo. After that, stay tuned in for the Grand Final of the 4v4 Halo: Master Chief Collection gamescom SHOWDOWN from 11:30 CEST until 17:00.

What can I win?

The Prize Breakdown for the 4v4 Grand Final is as follows (all prizes are in USD):

  • 1st: $5,000
  • 2nd: $1,500
  • 3rd & 4th: $750
  • 5th – 8th: $500

Tournament rules


From Wednesday the 13th to Friday the 16th of August, one team per day will qualify for Sunday’s showdown tournament. All gamescom visitors over the age of 16 can enter as many times as they want, with teams of four competing in winner-stays-on single game matches with a round time limit of 8 minutes. The team with the longest winning streak at the end of the day will qualify for the showdown tournament on Sunday, but the initial win streak will be capped at 10 games to ensure fair rotation of teams during the qualifiers.

Once 10 games have been won, the cap will be raised to 11, with other teams then given the chance to beat this cap. The cap will increase by one each time as necessary, with each team reaching the new maximum win cap having to leave in order to give others the chance to attempt to beat this. Teams who reach the win cap can line up to compete again at any time.

Qualifier rules

Both teams are allowed to play a short three-minute FFA warm-up before the game begins. After this, the challenging team picks the game type and the incumbent team hosts the game. If both teams are challenging, who chooses the game mode will be determined by a coin flip, with the other team hosting.

Game modes

  • 4v4 Team Slayer Ascension
  • 4v4 Team Slayer Sanctuary
  • 4v4 Team Snipers Ascension
  • 4v4 Team Snipers Sanctuary

The invited teams

Reason to Choke

  • André “ElemenT” Schulze (Germany)
  • Jan “Dukey” Pförtner (Germany)
  • Michael “cRank” Lorenz (Germany)
  • Marco “TuLaShock” Guzy (Poland)

TCM Gaming

  • Andrew “Ramirez” Corrigan (UK)
  • Perry “TuFoxy” Kenyon (UK)
  • Max “Riotz” Cottle (UK)
  • Jake “Chalkie” White (UK)
  • VwS Gaming

  • Xavier “Xavi” Spiller Cameron (UK)
  • Alex “Buk 20” Buck (UK)
  • Will “Buk 57” Buck (UK)
  • Harry “Lethal” Thomas (UK)
  • Team Vibe

  • Rob “Septic” Singleton (UK)
  • Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenball (Norway)
  • Kim André “Zyruz” Stokkeland (The Netherlands)
  • Aled “Brightside” Williams (UK)
  • For more information about the teams and players, check out the article about them on ESLGaming.com.


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